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Obstetrical Department

Eslam Elhammady, M.D., FACOG             MEDICAL DIRECTOR

Lana Weid, RN, Assistant DON            COORDINATOR

Columbus Community Hospital makes birthing a family-centered event. Combining individualized care with warm and comfortable surroundings, the patient, with partner assisting gives birth, recovers and bonds in the same room. Special emphasis is given to allowing the expectant couple to plan for and make decisions regarding their birth experience. The obstetrical staff makes a special effort to make all family members feel a part of the joyous event.

The six (6) patient rooms feature a home environment for maximum comfort and privacy while the new arrival and mother receive top quality postpartum and newborn care.  To continue family bonding, the new father and siblings are encouraged to spend extended time with the mother and new arrival. 

Columbus Obstetrical Services is supported by the latest in birthing technology, including birthing beds, fetal monitors and ultrasound.  A newborn resuscitation center and fully-equipped nursery serve the needs of the baby.  To prepare the family for the new arrival, education classes are taught on a variety of topics by hospital staff through the arrangement of the private physician.

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